There are a lot of things that I would like to write today and I am already feeling pretty comfortable with my blog now! I am elaborating some of the points, in no particular order.


To start off with, let me show you some pictures of what’s happening in the UK:



































The infamous London buses driving through snow, a very rare scene.








It has been snowing here for the last two days. YES, real snow blizzards!! And for the first time in my life, I walked in it!! Its pretty much like rain, but a lot more exciting than water. Having experienced sand and dust storms in Saudi Arabia, its very strange to see the common lines between them, SubhanAllah (All glory to the Almighty). London, a place where it hardly snows, is buried in it! This is described as the “heaviest snow in 18 years”. And how lucky for me to join university after those 18 years. Its almost as if everything has come to a stand still because this is something that was predicted only last week, and so it was “unexpected” for many. Having travelled on two trains to get from Shrewsbury to Liverpool this morning ON TIME, I feel lucky inspite of many trains being delayed and even cancelled!




On a slightly different note, I spent about 10 minutes on the above paragraph deciding whether to add “cats and dogs” in the case of snow. But I thought otherwise. Why do you think cats and dogs are related to rain and not snow??



YES, it’s official! The iPhone 3G is finally making it all the way from the US to the Kingdom and UAE. reported it earlier today, according to this article. Many thanks to Etisalat (and hence Mobily).



This surely is a dream come true for many of the Shabab out there and I am equally excited about it. I am pretty sure that the users in Saudi will be able to use it to the max as many of the technology it uses are readily available in the Kingdom. Although a bit doubtful about the GPS service.


That said, I am off to enjoy the snow out there. Will keep you updated InshaAllah (If Allah wills).