The Jeddah Economic Forum(JEF) is something that I always loved to watch with all the prominent speakers that included Bill Clinton, Queen Rania of Jordan, Sir Richard Branson, George Bush Senior, Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Noble peace prize winner Mohammed Younis.

The JEF, organised by the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industries (JCCI), started in 2000 and has been held every year till 2008 which attracted a lot of speakers that influenced many people. The forum was scheduled to be held in February this year, but was later put-off in January due to “delay in getting permits for the convention.” This was later followed by many scuffles and fires in the organizing committee.

Today’s Saudi Gazette also published two reports on it, which I think is a mere coincidence. One was written by Sabria S. Jawhar and the other one was reported by local journalists.

I have always considered this forum as something that is very similar to the World Economic Forum in Davos, something that plays a very big role in the development of not only the country but also the whole continent. It’s a pity how an event faces problems like this and I just pray that it doesn’t end here.

But on a happier note, a Global Competitiveness Forum, was held in January this year in Riyadh. The keynote speakers included:
Michael Phelps (swimmer/winner of 8 record-breaking gold medals in Beijing 2008), former Olympic medallist Carl Lewis, CEOs and chairmen of the following companies:




So I guess there is not too much to worry about the JEF 😀