Really amazing and miraculous news report from today’s Saudi-Gazette :

Girl, 9, survives fall from 14th floor
By Ibrahim Alawi
JEDDAH – A nine-year-old girl fell from a 14th floor balcony here Friday night – but incredibly survived.
Pakistani girl Elaf not only survived but seemed uninjured after she hit the roof of a parked car, jumped off and walked away to the building’s entrance where she sat and cried, said a witness.
The witness, Abdullah Al-Amri, was waiting for a taxi outside the building in the Iskan neighborhood on Sitteen Street when it happenned.
“I heard her scream as she plunged to the ground,” Al-Amri said. “I did not know where the screams were from until I looked up and saw her landing on the roof of a car. which helped blunt the blow of the fall.”
“It was surreal! What amazed me was that she jumped off the roof of the car and walked away leaving behind only a few blood stains.”
Al-Amri said he rushed over to the child to calm her down.
Moments afterwards, her father, Abdulaziz, and her brother who had taken the elevator down arrived and found to their surprise Elaf crying at the gate.
They rushed Elaf to nearby Bakhsh Hospital where doctors put her in the Intensive Care Unit as a precautionary measure.
The doctors at the hospital were amazed.
“It’s a miracle!” said surgeon Abdullah Omair. “I could not believe it – despite the fall, she sustained only minor injuries and scratches in her face, feet, hands, and stomach – no serious fractures.”
Abdulaziz, who has been working in the Kingdom for 10 years, said he was taking his son to the airport and had left Elaf alone in the apartment since her mother was in hospital for a surgery.
He thanked Allah for saving his daughter. – Okaz/SG