Ref: BBC

Students in protest over uni cuts (BBC, 11th March 2009)

Students and staff at the University of Liverpool have _45558544_protestprotested over plans to cut three academic departments.

The philosophy, politics and statistics departments are under threat after their research was poorly ranked in a national table.

About 500 people protested outside the Victoria Building, where the university’s senate held a meeting to discuss the cuts on Wednesday.

The senate voted to press ahead with making a final decision in June.

‘Stay of execution’

The University and College Union (UCU) has vowed to fight the changes.

It put forward a motion to be considered at the meeting, calling for a decision on any closures to be delayed until there had been full and open consultation with staff and students.

The senate did vote not to make a final decision, but voted not to withdraw the document proposing sweeping changes to the university, including the departmental closures.

Dr Fionnghuala Sweeney, vice-president of the Liverpool University UCU branch, said: “We welcome the stay of execution but are disappointed the vice-chancellor refused to put our motion outright rejecting the proposals to the senate.

“It will be up to the members here at Liverpool University to decide our next steps, but the university can rest assured that industrial action remains an option.

“We see today as the first battle in our campaign to save the departments.”

The university has said it will honour its obligations to students in any departments affected, including those entering in 2009/10.