As the day of the G-20 summit in London is getting closer, so are the countries drifting apart from each other. It is becoming more and more like a UK&US vs EU summit. And the main agenda of the meeting? you guessed it, and not surprisingly it is the economy and all the financial fiasco in the world. With other important and humane issues like Gaza conflict, unemployment, social justice and poverty all set aside for the time being.


I have a very bad feeling of this summit with zero outcome in the end. Even before the summit, France has threatened to walk-out if their demand for “stricter financial regulation” is not met. I am guessing that the Asian members of the G20- including India, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia will be on the sidelines when the battle(UK&US vs EU) takes place.

Another thing that I noticed about this summit is that 50 bloggers from around the world were invited as well. This includes Ahmed Al-Omran (Saudi Jeans),who is in London now ahead of the summit. Its an initiative led by Karina Brisby and other NGOs from UK. The main purpose being highlighting the minor issues that have got a big impact that are often neglected by the mainstream media.


I wish all the 50 bloggers the very best and as I mentioned earlier, I am not keeping my fingers crossed for the summit. Hope they prove me wrong.