By HishMaj

The past week has been very long for me and I am still relaxing after those hectic schedules and deadlines. I had gone to London as well and got back early morning today.

I had a lovely time in London there and met up with a couple of long-time-no-see friends after a long time. Even though I had scheduled to go to London a few weeks earlier, the time couldn’t be better. The best way to relax after that Friday 5PM deadline (anyone studying in the UK knows what Friday 5PM is like!! ). The highlight of the whole trip was the cycle trip of London that I went on Sunday evening. I really suggest everyone who goes to London, not to miss the cycle tour. They can be reached at


Even though they are not very famous (nor are other cycle tours in London), they have a great potential to grow up to a level of the very famous, BIG BUS TOUR COMPANY that tours London in an open-top bus. They also hire cycles at an hourly rate that is cheaper than any bus/tube fare in London. And it is definitely faster than any mode of transport thru London (if you have been to London, you know how the traffic is!). It definitely is THE reason why I would go to London again.

Though I wanted to go on their central tour, it was too late by the time I reached there. So I chose to go on the West-end tour and it is truly amazing!

I could just go on and on talking about it….

Anyways, its my Easter break now for three weeks and though I have more than 3 weeks till the next Friday 5PM, I will try my best to contribute daily to my blog. Oh, and the post below this was my sister’s first post. Read more about her here.

The one thing that I really missed was the Scouse (Liverpool) accent. I have always wanted to write about this. It is an accent that is spoken by the people of Liverpool, which is very hard to catch if you are hearing it for the first time. They have got distinctive words that will probably mean something completely different. A few examples:

laa – young man (lad)
Ey there laa – calm down
Yer doin’ me ‘ead in –  You are making me extremely annoyed right now
lorra – large amounts
me – often used to mean ‘mine’ (example: me dar and me mam means ‘my dad and my mom’, where dar is not a spelling mistake for dad!!)

Here is a video of Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, they are both from Liverpool:

And if you enjoyed the first one, take a look at this one. He imitates Gerrard, Carragher and Wayne Rooney, all of them who has the Scouse accent:

Lernin’ the scouse accent erm is very hard erm and you get pocket bookhs (books) everywhere erm thats like a dikhtionary of words translated to proper english from scouse English.

Ta! (thank you)