Well, yeah, I know, its here, there and everywhere. The whole thing about Obama’s visit to the Kingdom. Some of the preps in Riyadh before his visit:



I was wondering, what he really is up to for a few hours in Riyadh before he leaves for Cairo for his keynote speech to the Islamic world. If you are looking for what he really is up to, then I’d suggest you to look at the articles here.



Dear President Obama,

Welcome to Riyadh, the capital of “Kingdom” of Saudi Arabia, where the temperature is currently around 45degrees Celsius. We hope you can cope with the temperature even though the peak summer of 60 degrees is expected in the following months.

Also you might notice how Saudi Arabia is a big, and I mean BIG, market for General Motors. Yes, the same General Motors that you and your administration tried to save by turning it into a Government Motors. You can also notice how big the market for Hummer is in Saudi. The same brand that you sold to the Chinese a few days back. At least you could have delayed that till after your trip so that you wont have to face the grumpy faces of the people who own Hummer in Riyadh. On June 01, 2009 – They own an American gas-guzzling-mean-machine. Come 2nd June, they own a Chinese vehicle. How worse can it be!

Hope you have a nice few hours drinking the Arabic coffee and enjoying good conversation with the translators.


Yours truly,
A motor enthusiast (duh!)