• The “racist, violent and xenophobic” British National Party (BNP) has made it finally into the European Parliament with 2 MEPs. I have a bad feeling that they can build up their support as a purely fascist party from there.
  • Labour party in the UK suffers its worst defeat in the post-war era. Thanks to the very infamous saga over MPs expenses revealed and still being revealed by the Daily Telegraph. At least the people were so fed up with their MPs use of their tax money that I think they ended up voting for the Conservatives, UKIP and the BNP.
  • Another similar result in Netherlands, where Geert Wilders‘ anti-Islamic party won 4 out of 25 seats to the EU parliament.
  • And the Pirate Party (supporters of The Pirate Bay) winning 1 out of 18 seats representing Sweden at the EU.


This year has witnessed a series of unexpected political changes in both, democratic and non-democratic countries. This includes the Indian Congress party continuing their reign for the next five years in spite of all the down-turns. In Lebanon, the Pro West-Saudi led coalition wins majority over Hezbollah and Syrian/Iranian coalition.

After all this, I wouldn’t be surprised if people expect POTUS Obama to straighten everything up.