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Random thoughts

The following post is totally random and it was written on a Monday morning. You have been warned :-P:

I got back to Liverpool last week after a very “high” 4-weeks in Jeddah. Originally intended to be a 3-week long trip, the Ejyafalajokol Eyjufjallajokoll Eyjafjallajokull volcano delayed my return trip. (That was just my spelling error, I still don’t have a clue how that is pronounced.)

But thanks to the volcano and the generous people at Saudi Arabian Airlines (if you follow me on twitter, you must have had enough of my whining), our family finally got to get together again after my sisters arrived along with my 10-month old nephew.

After 5 days of going to the airport in search for a seat to London, I had said enough good-byes to everyone at home that by the end of the 6th day, when I finally got a seat, I feel as if I haven’t left my home yet. It feels as if my 6th goodbye  wasn’t complete. With my current academic busy-ness, I have had very little time to mentally shift myself from Jeddah. This is just an attempt to wash the post-vacation blues away from my mind.

And finally, to all of my online friends who wanted to meet-up but couldn’t, I am very sorry it didn’t work out this time. I had a higher priority to my family. But inshallah, there will be another time soon 🙂


Eid Mubarak

Inspite of what has happened in Jeddah, hope everyone is safe and we wish you a very happy and blessed Eid to you and your loved ones.

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VIDEO: Floods in Jeddah (NoComment TV)

I know you have been hearing this here, there and everywhere. But according to the motto of Homo sapiens, “Seeing is believing”, watch this video here and you will know what I mean.

We have been hearing about secure connections, ever since… err… you have been hearing them. But this video really blew up my mind. I, a person who totally makes use of hot-spots on the lappy or iTouch, use hot-spots to do simply everything ranging from Tweeting to transactions on my bank account!

The email in the video above, is Gmail and I believe it is valid to all email providers. But I do hope that the secure connections in Bank servers will prevent anything like that.

Stay safe!

Swine what?

swine flu1

As the number of swine flu affected patients in Saudi Arabia increases, people are panicking more and more. So what does the government do about it to calm the people down? It releases newspaper reports such as this and that telling us what measures they are taking to prevent its entry into the Kingdom and how all entry points into Saudi Arabia are being watched.

Well, guess what? I landed in King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah on Friday night on a flight that was full of passengers from UK and Switzerland and no one in the flight was even stopped by the Ministry of Health, let alone checked/given vaccines.


Swine flu doesn’t have any physical symptoms. So they cannot randomly choose someone from the crowd and be tested. Coming from UK where there is more than a 1000 cases of swine flu,  I was really amazed how everyone here is so concerned about it wheras I was least bothered about it during my stay over there.

Oops, did I just say that aloud? According to a fatwa issued by a Saudi Mufti, I and all other passengers were banned from traveling in/out of swine flu affected countries, in the first place!

Pictures/Cartoons: Saudi Gazette